The 0-3 Jaguars are offering free beer when you buy a ticket to Sunday’s game

Frank Schwab
Shutdown Corner

Oh, Jacksonville Jaguars, sometimes you make the punchlines easy.

So, the team isn't good. The Jaguars are 0-3 and have been so bad already that the "0-16?" discussion has started.

And that's fine. As fans have pointed out to us (repeatedly), they still do support the team. Well, the team still is enticing people to buy tickets to this week's game against the Colts with free beer.

Considering the Jaguars are forcing their fans to watch Blaine Gabbert at quarterback, two drinks might not be enough.

So The Team That Drafted a Punter Instead of Russell Wilson™ is giving away some free beer with ticket sales (they ran the same #DrinksOnUs promotion in Week 1). Hopefully this doesn't go the way of the Cleveland Indians' "Ten Cent Beer Night" promotion back in the day.

We're definitely not against free beer in any circumstance, so it's a pretty good promotion. It's just unusual that a NFL team has to offer free drinks to sell tickets. And to real Jaguars fans, it has to be a bit embarrassing.

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