We salute Alabama, our College Football Madness Champion

Nick Bromberg

Welcome to Dr. Saturday's College Football Madness. Ever wondered how the 2013 college football season could have turned out with a 68-team playoff? Now you have an answer. While 68 teams participate in the NCAA tournament, we're ran an expanded college football playoff. Let's talk about the winner.

This title certainly erases the sting of the Iron Bowl loss to Auburn and the Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma. In fact, we're sure it surpasses the joy Alabama had from beating Notre Dame in the 2013 BCS Championship Game.

College Football Madness is a big deal.

The Crimson Tide stormed through the championship game of our inaugural tournament against upstart Fresno State. Derek Carr may get drafted higher than AJ McCarron, but McCarron now has three championships while Carr lost his chance at one.

Perhaps Alabama's victory was a statement towards the tempo debate that engulfed the college football offseasonin the early months of 2014. Alabama coach Nick Saban isn't the biggest fan of high-speed offenses and his team has struggled against them in the past.

Alabama had no issues with tempo throughout the tournament, though. On the way to the Final Four, the Tide played Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Clemson. All three of those teams were in the top 35 in plays per game in 2013. And Fresno State plays fast too. The Bulldogs were fourth.

However, this isn't a referendum on tempo in college football. Until the last week of the college football regular season, Alabama was widely considered to be one of the best two college football teams in the land. With its passionate and large fanbase and that reputation, it's no surprise the Tide took the title.

Congratulations Alabama. You have the right to call yourself "defending champions" for the third straight season.

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