VOD: Jacksonville State turns the end of practice into a carnival

Game week is upon us, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop having a little fun at practice and Jacksonville State can appreciate this.

After last Friday's practice, coach Jack Crowe decided to put himself in a carnival-style dunking booth and allow his players to toss softballs at a target to try and get him in the water.

Everything was going just dandy for the 65-year-old coach until his quarterback Cody Blanchard became the hurler.

The baseball prospect took three tries before he sent his coach into the drink much to the excitement of his teammates who picked him up and briefly carried him around.

Wow, was fall camp really that bad?

As Crowe fished himself out of the drink, you can almost tell he's got the "I'll get you Cody Blanchard" fist shake cocked and ready to go.

It's all fun and games and a nice little treat as Jacksonville State prepares for its season opener against Arkansas, which could be interesting consider this is the same Jacksonville State program that upset Ole Miss 49-48 in double overtime in the 2010 opener.

H/T to al.com

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