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Virginia Tech’s helmets have fighting turkeys on them (PHOTO)

Graham Watson
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Thanksgiving is still a few days away, but Virginia Tech is already getting into the "gobble-gobble" spirit with Turkey-inspired helmets for Saturday's game against Boston College.

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(US Presswire)

The new helmets, which were tweeted out by the Virginia Tech equipment staff Saturday morning, features the player's number on one side and a fighting turkey on the other.

Virginia Tech has done a couple interesting things with their helmets this season, including adding a camo look and a white helmet with turkey feet. Even though traditionalists might not be pleased with these helmets, they're one of the more unique lids we've seen this season, so the Hokies get some props for that.

And it's less than a week from Thanksgiving, so why not put some turkeys on your dome in celebration? They can't be as fowl as Virginia Tech's play this season.

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