Video: Utah State unveils sleek new uniforms

Graham Watson

Utah State is the latest team to upgrade its uniforms and I have to say, Nike did the Aggies a solid with this one.

There's nothing too outlandish about the uniforms. In fact the blue uniform is solid blue and the white uniform is, well, white. The numbers are the opposite color of the jersey and have a little texture.

If you're looking for flash, the blue helmet provide a bit of that. The same texture that's on the numbers is also on the blue helmet. The whole uniform, whether blue or white, is pretty sleek.

There are a lot of changes going at Utah State. Not only is it introducing new uniforms, it's also in the process of switching conferences. The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting the Aggies are making a long awaited switch to the Mountain West, which still could merge with Conference USA to form a superconference.

Seems like things are coming together for Utah State.

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