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USC’s uniforms will not be changing anytime soon … unless that’s exactly what Lane Kiffin wants you to think

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Not that they were the target audience, but if you'd polled USC fans over the age of 21 last week on their reaction to the rumor that the Trojans were considering trading their traditional cardinal helmets for black when UCLA visits the L.A. Coliseum on Nov. 26, I'd be surprised if the approval rating came back as anything less than 100 percent negative. And say what you will about Lane Kiffin, but the man can read a poll:

Lane Kiffin shot down the rumors.

"We are not changing our uniforms," the USC coach said in a phone interview earlier this afternoon. "We're wearing our same uniforms as normal."
Nike approached USC about some possible alternatives, as is the case annually, but "it's not something we're going to do at this time," Kiffin said.

Even though reigning conference champion Oregon has used its exotic uniforms as a recruiting tool, Kiffin said he doesn't feel pressure to follow suit.

"I don't feel any need to change our uniforms based on Oregon, what they do. That doesn't register with me," Kiffin said. "We always want to be cutting edge as far as materials … but not as far as the colors."

So Trojan traditionalists may wipe the spittle off their computer screens, and The Duke may stop spinning in his grave. But wait! When Kiffin says a uniform change is "not something we're going to do at this time," does that mean he may be open to it at some other time? Why is he unwilling to commit to a permanent anti-black policy? He's still got something up his sleeve, you guys, I just know it.

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