Tulsa turns back the clock for this week’s helmet design

Graham Watson
November 11, 2011

Retro is in this season, as several teams have gone to the effort of reinventing their current uniforms to approximate — or least vaguely "honor" — the looks of yesteryear.

This weekend, Tulsa gets in on the act by jumping in the way-back machine and pulling out a helmet that is reminiscent of the design the team wore in the 1940s. The helmets will be gold with a red "T" in the middle of the forehead. The team also will wear red throwback jerseys, a tribute to the 1950s, for its game against Marshall.

While this design isn't nearly as ostentatious as the blue carbon fiber design the Golden Hurricane wore against Rice a couple weeks ago, at least it remains essentially true to history, unlike some other "retro" designs we've seen this year. Luckily for the current Tulsa team, today's helmets have a little more padding than the glorified coconut husks of the postwar era. Oh, and a facemask.

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