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Dr. Saturday

Tressel-themed billboard in Michigan might need reprising

Graham Watson
Dr. Saturday

Earlier this month, an Ohio State-themed billboard appeared on I-94 near the Wayne Road exit, which is clearly visible from the Detroit Metro Airport if you're heading west.

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The person responsible for the billboard, an "alleged" Michigan fan who asked to remain anonymous, paid for the signage to stay up for a week before it was taken down.

(As an aside, Michigan fans claim the billboard came from Michigan State fans. Since it's anonymous, no one really knows for sure.)

Regardless of who was responsible, it might be time to reprise the billboard.

The billboard, which reads: "Liar, Liar, Vest on Fire" was referring to Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, a lover of sweater vests, lying to NCAA investigators about his knowledge of OSU players trading memorabilia for tattoos (among other things) and getting special deals for cars.

But in the month since the billboard went up and disappeared, the depth of Tressel's deception has reached an unfathomable low. It dates back 30 years in some cases and in each instance, Tressel tried to turn a blind eye or at least plead ignorance. Even his starting quarterback Terrelle Pryor is driving around like nothing's happening and is now the subject of a separate investigation. Tressel's vest was so engulfed in flames that it ultimately left him exposed.

So bully for you Michigan (or Michigan State) fans. Wolverine supporters finally get revenge for the billboard that appeared in Columbus just a couple years ago. Tressel is out and the possible one-liners for new billboards are endless. Can't wait to see what the signage in Michigan looks like by the end of this week.

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