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Dr. Saturday

Thursday Night Live Blog: Get your Big East on, while you still can

Matt Hinton
Dr. Saturday

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Is the game coming to us from a soulless NFL stadium adjacent to the interstate, almost totally devoid of campus atmosphere? It is. Are these two essentially mediocre teams, one of which has blown fourth quarter leads in two straight games, and the other of which has lost six consecutive Thursday night games like this one? They are. Is this really one of the key early litmus tests in the race for the Big East title? Probably, yes, it is.

But considering the Big East's freshly upgraded status on the endangered conferences list, doesn't it deserve your precious, advertiser-coveting eyeballs for at least one more Thursday? Of course it does. Precious and few are the moments, people.

What: Thursday night live blog, South Florida at Pitt. All colors and comments welcome, though preference is always given to snark.
When: The game kicks at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN; the chat kicks roughly simultaneously, give or take a little pre-game banter by our esteemed talking heads, none of whom has ever been formally accused of a long-ago crime of passion while enrolled at SMU.
Who: You and all your rowdy friends, as long as they promise: No towels!
How: Hit "Watch Now," enter comments into the available box and do your part to accelerate the slow, agonizing death of conventional journalism.
Why: Because whatever you see tonight from the winner, there's a very good chance you'll be seeing again in January, in the Orange Bowl. Respek.

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