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This Northern Iowa camouflage helmet is not a real game helmet (Photo)

Was this the most polarizing tweet that Northern Iowa recruiting director Richard Neal has ever sent out?

Yes, that really is a camo helmet. It's not possible to be neutral about camo. You either love it and have it as (an unironic) part of your wardrobe or you dislike it under all circumstances, including football helmets.

And that camo with the purple lettering? Well, it's certainly something else.

If you're a fan of the helmet, we're here to disappoint you. If you hated it, we're here to please you. According to Northern Iowa, it's not a game helmet that's going to be used. It was for a football golf outing and auction Thursday. Wonder how much the lucky bidder is willing to spend on that?

If it was going to be a game helmet, it would be one better utlized on the road (or in the woods) rather than at home. Northern Iowa plays in a dome, which really lessens its potential.

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