Texas WR Mike Davis puts a cheap shot on Iowa State’s Deon Broomfield (Video)

Graham Watson
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College football has spent a lot of time penalizing players for targeting opponents – often with mixed results – but it also needs to crack down on players who willfully try and injure others.

Following a Texas touchdown against Iowa State, Longhorns receiver Mike Davis dove at the knees of defensive back Deon Broomfield. Neither player was near the touchdown and it was just a malicious cheap shot from Davis.

So while players this season have been kicked out of games for much less egregious targeting penalties, Davis gets to keep playing after an apparent deliberate attempt to take out an opponent's knees.

Texas was assessed a 15-yard penalty even though coach Mack Brown protested (we believe he didn’t actually see the play), but Davis should get a harsher punishment from the Big 12 for what was clearly an attempt to injure another player.

UPDATE: While we initially believe Brown didn't see the play, we were wrong. He said after the game he thought Davis was "competing."

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