Tennessee students had a snowball fight at Neyland Stadium (Video)

Nick Bromberg

While Georgia coach Mark Richt went curling, Tennessee's students had a snowball fight in the football stadium.

Neyland Stadium turned into a snow battleground on Wednesday as students took over the football field for a snowball fight. Snow isn't a terribly common occurrence in Knoxville, and it's not every day that you can get onto your school's BCS football field. You have to take full advantage.

There's no official word why or how the stadium was unlocked, but according to WBIR students were able to have at least a few minutes of fun before police showed up and cleared the field. Quarterback Josh Dobbs was also outside having fun in the snow Wednesday evening.

Members of Alabama's football team also had a snowball fight during the last winter storm to hit the southeast. Players took to the quad on campus and at times, that snowball fight looked like a snow boulder battle.

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