This can’t be safe: Virginia Tech player finds scissors on the field (VIDEO)

Virginia Tech receiver Dyrell Roberts made an odd discovery on the field against North Carolina, when he found a pair of scissors on the field just before the Hokies ran a play.

As Virginia Tech was lining up, Roberts started gesturing to the sideline and the officials with something in his hand. He had found the scissors as he took his spot on the field. That's something you don't see every day. In fact, we can't remember ever seeing it before in a college football game.

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Officials stopped the action and let Roberts run the scissors off to the sideline. Not only did he run with them, he didn't hold the scissors by the blades. That breaks just about every safety rule Roberts was taught in kindergarten about scissors, but at least he didn't run a pass route with them.

This brings up one interesting question: Why in the heck was there a pair of office scissors at the 45-yard line of North Carolina's field? Is there a stapler at the 30? Maybe a printer by the end zone pylon? In all seriousness, we're glad Roberts found the scissors when he did. That could have ended in a potentially serious injury for someone.

This will be one of the odder moments in college football today.

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