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  1. League: NCAAF
  2. Texas A&M vs. South Carolina
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (18) TAMU
    (4) S CAR
  3. Temple vs. Vanderbilt
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (24) VAND
  4. Weber St. vs. Arizona St.
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (20) AZ ST
  5. UCF vs. Penn St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 7:00 AM
    (10) UCF
  6. Elon vs. Duke
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (23) DUKE
  7. UCLA vs. Virginia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (16) UCLA
  8. Alabama vs. West Virginia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (7) ALA
    W VA
  9. Jacksonville St. vs. Michigan St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    JV ST
    (3) MI ST
  10. Clemson vs. Georgia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (8) CLEM
  11. Ohio St. vs. Navy
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (12) OH ST
  12. S. Dakota St. vs. Missouri
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    SDK ST
    (5) MIZZ
  13. Louisiana Tech vs. Oklahoma
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (6) OKLA
  14. Florida St. vs. Oklahoma St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (1) FL ST
    (17) OK ST
  15. Arkansas vs. Auburn
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (2) AUB
  16. Wisconsin vs. LSU
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (22) WIS
    (14) LSU
  17. South Dakota vs. Oregon
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    S DAK
    (9) ORE
  18. Fresno St. vs. USC
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (19) USC
  19. UC Davis vs. Stanford
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (11) STAN
  20. Rice vs. Notre Dame
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:30 PM
    (21) ND
  21. Washington vs. Hawaii
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 8:00 PM
    (25) WASH
  22. SMU vs. Baylor
    Aug 31ˢᵗ 1:00 PM
    (13) BAYL
  23. Miami (FL) vs. Louisville
    Sep 1ˢᵗ 8:00 PM
    MIA F
    (15) LOU
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Dr. Saturday

Southern Miss gives home game to Nebraska, gets $2.1 million needed to buy out coach

Frank Schwab
Dr. Saturday

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(US Presswire)

Southern Miss pulled off a trade with Nebraska that really doesn't jibe with the romantic and antiquated notion that college athletics aren't all about the money.

Southern Miss secured a home game in its three-year scheduling contract with Nebraska. The Golden Eagles fans, and players, had to be excited about that. But, a coach needed to be fired and bought out. And, according to Deadspin, Southern Miss agreed to let Nebraska host that 2013 game for almost exactly the amount of money that it needed to give coach Ellis Johnson when it fired him.

Deadspin, citing a letter between the schools' athletic directors that was dated last week, said Southern Miss agreed to transfer the home game to Nebraska for $2.125 million. The school had to pay Johnson $2.1 million when it fired him after an 0-12 season.

The Deadspin story -- which is a long and fascinating read on the various problems USM's athletic program has had lately, just one year after finishing 12-2 and ranked 20th in the final AP poll -- says that Southern Miss had already begun the process of selling the game to Nebraska before it fired Johnson. It apparently just worked out to about the same amount.

Business wise, this is the right decision. It trades one game in order to balance the books on a failed coach, and the Golden Eagles can move on without that hanging over their budget. It also avoids taking money from the university to pay it off. But, it does reinforce that above all else, college athletics is a pretty straightforward multimillion dollar business.

The Deadspin story said USM will get an allotment of 350 tickets for the Nebraska game. Quite a beneficial trade for Southern Miss' fans.

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