Someone has made t-shirts depicting Jameis Winston as Jesus (Photo)

Quarterback Jameis Winston has been so good this season for Florida State that he's got some folks thinking about higher powers, apparently.

There's a shirt available in Tallahassee with Jameis as "The Chosen One" with his face and number on an image commonly used for Jesus.

According to TMZ Sports, the university has sent a cease and desist order to the creator of the shirts, because the shirt depicts an image of Winston, which the fan doesn't have license to. (Though you can also point out that Winston is making just as much off of these T-shirts as he would off any university licensed material that indirectly referenced him.)

And, of course, the shirts could be viewed by many as sacrilegious, though Winston is far from the first athlete to be depicted as Jesus. Remember the Johnny Damon-Jesus comparisons when Damon was in Boston and the subsequent Judas rants when he left for New York?

What do you think? Offensive or fun? If anything, we think they're a tad premature, as Winston's just a redshirt freshman in his first college football September. But when you have a quarterback who has completed almost 90 percent of his passes and thrown six touchdowns and one interception so far, and a redshirt freshman won a Heisman Trophy last year, you can see why FSU fans may be getting ahead of themselves.

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