Skip Holtz leads early in Dr. Saturday’s bracket challenge

Graham Watson
March 21, 2013

We’re halfway through the first day of the first round of the NCAA Tournament and upsets have caused some stumbles for our coaches so far.

Louisiana Tech’s Skip Holtz leads the group with seven correct picks, missing on Pitt, but accurately picking Memphis and Oregon. LSU’s Les Miles and Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy both have six points. Miles missed St. Mary’s and Pitt while Gundy missed St. Mary’s and Oklahoma State. In all fairness to coach Gundy, he kinda had to pick the Cowboys. Gundy also had Oklahoma State winning in the next round, so that going to hurt a little bit.

But so far it’s been pretty close and all three coaches have made some good gambles with upsets. Gundy has to get major props for his pick of Wichita State. That was nails.

The only game the coaches disagree on in the final half of Thursday is Belmont. That's a spot where Miles and Gundy can either make up ground or give coach Holtz and even bigger edge heading into Friday.

I know my bracket doesn’t look this good.

How about you? How are you stacking up against the coaches?

We’ll update the whole day, including the coaches original brackets, and have the rest of the first round picks ready to go Friday morning.

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