Here, let the SEC’s new T-shirt remind you how many consecutive championships it’s won

Graham Watson
January 31, 2012

The SEC is putting the other conferences on notice - again.

Last year, the conference used the front of its media guide to promote its five consecutive national titles. Tuesday, the conference released it's new "6" shirt, which highlights the six consecutive BCS championships the conference has won. It's nothing flashy, just a blue shirt with the SEC logo and the words, "Home of  5 6 consecutive national champions" with the 5 crossed out and a 6 drawn in its place.

It doesn't even name the six teams, because it's the SEC and you should just know who they are. In case you don't, it's Florida (2006), LSU (2007), Florida again (2008), Alabama (2009), Auburn (2010) and Alabama again in 2011.

In fact, with LSU's title in 2003, you'd be hard-pressed to find a conference that has had a more dominate decade. Of course, historically speaking, the Ivy League scoffs at the SEC's little national championship run. From 1869-1900, Harvard, Yale and Princeton dominated the country in college football winning 29 of 31 national titles. If someone has that "29" T-shirt please snap a picture and hit me up on Twitter.

With Alabama's win this year, the SEC is already looking to assert its national dominance in this decade. Most early polls are already picking LSU to open 2012 on top of the preseason rankings this summer. With a new quarterback, perhaps the Tigers can revamp their offense into one that can actually move the ball past midfield. (Zing!)

So, the bragging rights — once again — go to the SEC, which will continue to run the rest of the country's nose in it until someone from another conference proves otherwise. We're looking at you, USC.

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