Russell Athletic Bowl tickets for sale on eBay … almost two months after the game was played

Frank Schwab
February 19, 2013

The Russell Athletic Bowl last season was rather forgetful. Rutgers and Virginia Tech played. There was some rain and many mistakes by both teams. The Hokies won in overtime.

Well, it seems that Front Row Tickets is really, really hoping the game was forgetful, because it has some tickets to the already played game for sale on eBay.

And this minor faux pas probably wouldn't have even caught our eye, considering it just seems to be an auction from a long time ago that was never taken down, except Front Row Tickets was mocked on Twitter by the people who run the bowl.

Good times.

The Russell Athletic Bowl social media person is actually pretty funny, and the account is not very corporate or boring, and the jokes kept coming for the seller at the expense of the auction for the game that was played almost two months ago.

Funny stuff. At least the auction has free shipping, so there's that. And, now that we think about it, $29.99 does seem like a pretty good price for tickets to a bowl game.

And if someone buys the tickets on eBay and actually sees the game, well, that'll surely make the 2012 Russell Athletic Bowl memorable.

- - -
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