Rumor circulates about about another Iowa uniform

There's something about the anticipation of a new uniform that intrigues college football fans. That's why so many teams try to go with so many different and new uniform combinations year-to-year.

And introducing a fun and fancy uniform is a good way to take the focus away from what's actually going on in the game (like a 9-6 loss to Iowa State).

But it's not always pretty. Take Iowa's weird throwback uniforms against Iowa State last week. Those were, uh, interesting.

Not to fear Iowa fans, the Hawkeyes have another, less unattractive, uniform coming out in November.

According to the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the Hawkeyes are going to be sporting black and gold jersey, silver pants and black cleats for Nov. 10 Veterans Day game against Purdue.

The uniform will come with a silver helmet and the nameplates will honor the different branches of the military.

Now before you go all Ohio-getting-black-jerseys over this uniform, it's just a rumor.

The entire ensemble appeared at Scheels, a sporting goods store in Coralville, Iowa, on Wednesday afternoon and broke the Internet in the state of Iowa. Even though Iowa hasn't confirmed these uniforms, Scheels usually is a good indicator of the Hawkeyes' new threads. It was the first to put those awful throwbacks on display as well.

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