Score Strip

  1. League: NCAAF
  2. Texas A&M vs. South Carolina
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (18) TAMU
    (4) S CAR
  3. Temple vs. Vanderbilt
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (24) VAND
  4. Weber St. vs. Arizona St.
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (20) AZ ST
  5. UCF vs. Penn St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 7:00 AM
    (10) UCF
  6. Elon vs. Duke
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (23) DUKE
  7. UCLA vs. Virginia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (16) UCLA
  8. Alabama vs. West Virginia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (7) ALA
    W VA
  9. Jacksonville St. vs. Michigan St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    JV ST
    (3) MI ST
  10. Clemson vs. Georgia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (8) CLEM
  11. Ohio St. vs. Navy
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (12) OH ST
  12. S. Dakota St. vs. Missouri
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    SDK ST
    (5) MIZZ
  13. Louisiana Tech vs. Oklahoma
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (6) OKLA
  14. Florida St. vs. Oklahoma St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (1) FL ST
    (17) OK ST
  15. Arkansas vs. Auburn
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (2) AUB
  16. Wisconsin vs. LSU
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (22) WIS
    (14) LSU
  17. South Dakota vs. Oregon
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    S DAK
    (9) ORE
  18. Fresno St. vs. USC
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (19) USC
  19. UC Davis vs. Stanford
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (11) STAN
  20. Rice vs. Notre Dame
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:30 PM
    (21) ND
  21. Washington vs. Hawaii
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 8:00 PM
    (25) WASH
  22. SMU vs. Baylor
    Aug 31ˢᵗ 1:00 PM
    (13) BAYL
  23. Miami (FL) vs. Louisville
    Sep 1ˢᵗ 8:00 PM
    MIA F
    (15) LOU
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Dr. Saturday

Report: Big Ten to discuss potential for Friday night games

Sam Cooper
Dr. Saturday

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Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany (USA Today Sports)

How does Friday night Big Ten football sound?

We've seen an influx of weeknight prime-time college football games, particularly on Thursdays, in recent years. Now, according to Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany “is trying to get feedback” from schools about the potential for Friday night games as the next series of television deals are negotiated.

While the current TV deals run through 2016 (Fox’s broadcast of the conference title game) and 2017 (ESPN/ABC for regular season games), Big Ten administrators will meet this week in Chicago and the possibility of Friday night games will be a topic of conversation.

Writes Baggot:

“If the networks want Big Ten games on Friday nights – a night traditionally reserved for high schools – Delany wants to know where his constituents stand and an idea of what a commitment like that would be worth.”

Baggot says that “Friday games might be once every three or four years,” so in that context, it could be an interesting idea. On the other hand, if the Big Ten were to agree to have several Friday night games per season, it could potentially impact recruiting. High school games across the country take place on Friday nights, so prospects wouldn't be able to make visits or even watch those games.

Both the WAC and Mountain West have had many Friday night games in recent years. The appeal of being the only college game on a particular night for smaller conferences is understandable. If the networks want it, the Big Ten may be willing to give it a shot. Money talks, after all.

Another talking point is the possibility of night games in late November, when temperatures may dip well below freezing. Wisconsin, for example, has never had a night game in late November at Camp Randall Stadium, but night games and prime-time audiences are obviously big money makers.

With the current TV contracts not ending for a few more years, we’re still a few years away from this possibly coming to fruition, but it is still something to keep an eye on moving forward.

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