Report: Authorities shielded 2011 police report involving Baylor players

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There have been additional previously unreported allegations against Baylor football players over the past few years.

According to a report from ESPN's Outside the Lines, the Waco Police Department took "extraordinary" steps to keep a police report about an alleged assault involving three players under wraps and an allegation of sexual assault against former Baylor safety Ahmad Dixon has been considered an open case for four years because of a pattern of other allegations from the woman.

An open case means the case details aren't easily accessible by the public.

The university has amassed recent scrutiny for the significance of multiple allegations against former football players and its ensuing responses. Tevin Elliott and Sam Ukwuachu are currently serving prison sentences after being found guilty of rape while former defensive end Shawn Oakman, who went undrafted in the 2016 NFL draft, was recently arrested for sexual assault and was accused of assault in 2013.

And a previous OTL report said the school waited two years to investigate sexual assault claims against two other former players while another cited alleged victims of Elliott's who said that the school was indifferent towards their allegations. A woman who said she was sexually assaulted by Elliott has filed suit against the school.

The school has hired a law firm to investigate its responses to sexual assault allegations. OTL said it contacted "over a dozen" members of Baylor's board of regents about the firm's preliminary report and none of the members called back.

The assault allegations involving three football players took place in 2011 and happened at a recreation center. Per police, three fights happened as part of the same dispute and a student said he was punched by three players.

The student told police at least three football players were part of the group who hit him, and it only stopped when nearby females urged the players to do so. He identified the three who hit him as defensive lineman Gary Mason, running back Isaac Williams and [Tyler] Stephenson. And while the athletes disagree on which of them hit him and when, statements to police and interviews conducted by Outside the Lines confirm that the student never threw a punch or made any physical advance.

Stephenson is a former cornerback. The report also details allegations by his ex-girlfriend that Stephenson physically harmed her -- throwing her against a wall, among other things -- as she was trying to break up with him in 2012. The case was closed after police said the woman stopped responding.

Mason and Stephenson were arrested on misdemeanor asault charges and Williams turned himself in, according to the report. None of the three were prosecuted, however. The alleged victim in the case died in 2012.

The police report from the incident was locked in a Waco Police Department office after an officer had discussed it with Baylor police. Waco police noted in the report that a Baylor officer had provided some information about the football players and their phone numbers, and had contacted them to say the school was aware of the incident and that "there were supposed to be some administrative level meetings taking place concerning it, given that it was a university-approved function."

Waco police spokesman Patrick Swanton told Outside the Lines on Tuesday that detectives can pull certain cases from public view due to privacy concerns, and it has happened before in cases that have no ties to Baylor.

"Was this done specifically because this was a Baylor case and because it involved Baylor football players? I can't tell you that," he said. He said that Waco police do not have a policy to contact Baylor officials when they suspect a student in a crime; he said there are times when it is appropriate, but doing so does not yield special treatment.

Dixon was not charged regarding the assault but admitted to ESPN that he threw a punch. He also said his coaches knew about the allegations of sexual assault in the still-open case against him.

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Dixon told Outside the Lines this week the woman made up the allegation because she was angry with him. The woman, who initially denied to Outside the Lines she was the same person who reported the incident to police, later acknowledged trying to get Dixon in trouble by filing the report. In June 2015, the woman made a domestic violence allegation against another player, and in that report, Waco police noted that she and her family have a long criminal history with the police department and that her accounts toward Dixon and the other football player were not believable. In June 2011, there was another domestic violence case involving Dixon and the woman, the result of a 911 call made by a neighbor who said he saw Dixon pull the woman's hair and push her into a car; both Dixon and woman deny that happened.

The woman told Outside the Lines that she couldn't remember details of what she told police about the alleged sexual assault; Dixon said she simply stopped responding to Waco police when they pressed her on the details of the January 2012 allegation.

Despite the apparent inactivity, a Waco police spokesman this week told Outside the Lines he could not say why the allegation against Dixon remains an active case.

Dixon was cleared from assault charges in 2013 by a grand jury after he was accused of punching a man Dixon said broke into his house and stole Dixon's television. He played in 12 games in 2013.

Baylor running back Devin Chafin, suspended for spring practices after a marijuana arrest, is also mentioned in the OTL report for allegedly assaulting a woman multiple times in the spring of 2014. He was never charged because the woman "was uncertain" about pressing charges.

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