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Random offseason tweet of the day: Virginia's offensive line enjoys the snow

Nick Bromberg
Dr. Saturday
Virginia OL

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With real games still months away, coaches and players will be tweeting about non-football-related things as the season approaches. In this space, we'll try to find the funniest and goofiest tweets of the day. If you see something, don't hesitate to send it to us.

Yes, this random offseason tweet of the day actually has to do with football. It's spring. The snow needs to stop.

As a storm hits the east coast on Tuesday, Virginia's offensive linemen made sure to take full advantage of the rare spring practice in the snow.

We're disappointed in the lack of contest going on in the picture. The linemen are way too close to each other to create a clean snow angel each, which renders judging the snow angels impossible. Wouldn't you want to be the snow angel champion of spring practice? We can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to be.

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