Princeton successfully runs formation with three quarterbacks on the field at once (Video)

College football schemes seem to get more and more innovative every season. The latest craze that is seen around the country is the super-fast hurry-up, no-huddle offense that Chip Kelly popularized at Oregon.

Could the three-quarterback scheme be next?

There is something brewing in the Ivy League as the Princeton Tigers are having one of the school’s best seasons in recent memory, compiling a 7-1 record (5-0 Ivy League). Coach Bob Surace, now in his fourth year, featured a package in the Tigers’ 53-20 win over Cornell where his team lines up with three quarterbacks on the field at the same time. If you don’t believe me, check out the video.

Now this obviously takes some pretty decent athleticism and depth at the quarterback position to pull off, but it’s hard not to be impressed by what the Tigers are doing. Could these types of plays work at a higher level of football? I really don’t see why not.

In this particular game, Tigers’ QB Quinn Epperly scored six total touchdowns (three throwing and three rushing) and completed 32-of-35 passes while also catching a seven-yard pass.

All in a day’s work at Princeton, I suppose.

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