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Oregon’s Fiesta Bowl uniforms will change color throughout the game

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You already know that Oregon breaks out new uniforms every single week. The color combinations range from inspiring to horrifying, but they're never dull. And for Thursday night's Fiesta Bowl, the Ducks are changing color ... constantly.

At right you can see the uniforms, which feature the classic duck-wing design (well, robo-duck-wing) except this time it's in a fabric that will change color depending on the angle of the light.

So how does Oregon come up with its designs for a given week? As senior defensive end Dion Jordan told the media earlier this week, it isn't a case of somebody in the athletic department huffing a bit too much muscle rub:

"Usually we have Coach Kelly ask the head coaches from other sports, like tennis, golf, basketball teams, and they usually come up with the combination for the week," he said. "They also have an assortment of uniforms also. It's great to have the option to wear whatever you want to that week."

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Jordan further noted that the team doesn't much care what the uniforms are. Clearly, though, opponents aren't quite accustomed to the sartorial brilliance. As we saw earlier this week, K-State's Carl Miles is flat-out stunned by the Ducks' helmets:

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Far as we're concerned, Oregon can wear whatever they like, as long as they don't wear whatever Florida had on in the Sugar Bowl. That must've been some combination of brick and cold molasses.

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