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Orange Bowl continues to taunt Darwin Cook over its bruised mascot

Graham Watson
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It looks like Obie the Orange Bowl mascot was not OK, after all, after being tackled by West Virginia safety Darwin Cook after Cook's 99-yard fumble return in the Orange Bowl.

The Orange Bowl Twitter feed posted a photo Tuesday of poor Obie being released from the hospital with several bandages, crutches and a missing tooth (which, I personally think is a nice touch). Obie, who is conveniently standing in front of an ambulance, is also holding a sign that reads, "Not Cool @D_Cook25," a reference to Cook's Twitter handle.

Apparently a video is soon to follow. Oh yeah, we'll have that, too, in an effort to help the Orange Bowl to milk this for all it can.

The injuries seemed to manifest a little late since the game was last Thursday, but I hope Cook has retained good legal representation in case Obie has an ambulance chaser of her own. Oh, that's right, if you didn't hear: Obie is actually a female, a little bit of information Cook didn't find out until after the game. And Cook was profusely apologetic for taking the poor, unsuspecting Orange out. Unfortunately, apologies don't heal bruised fruit.

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