NBA’s Cavaliers break out the ‘Manti Te’o Kiss Cam’

The joke is still on Manti Te'o.

From the "This may have been funny once but we all see this is going to get beat into the ground fast, right?" files, the NBA's Cavaliers brought out the "Manti Te'o Kiss Cam," which framed a person sitting next to an empty seat (and it had to be much harder to find fans in the stands than find empty seats at a Cavs game). That was the next logical step after the NHL's Dallas Stars used their Jumbotron to welcome Te'o's girlfriend to the game - showing an empty seat.

Hilarity is sure to ensue at arenas around the country once they get a whiff of this.

This is part of why it will be pretty difficult for Te'o in the NFL. The jokes are going to come easy - from opponents, opposing fans, maybe even teammates - and it'll be a long time before this completely dies down. There's a chance he'll always be associated with this crazy story about a fake girlfriend who didn't actually die. And we all saw how Te'o played in the BCS Championship Game with this weighing on his mind, even if he didn't use that as an excuse for his miserable performance against Alabama.

Te'o better have thick skin, because he's bound to keep hearing plenty of jokes at his expense.

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