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Missouri QB Trent Hosick came to the aid of two men in a truck crashed on the highway

As another snowstorm hits the Midwest, it's been a treacherous drive if you're trying to get out and about.

Just ask Missouri quarterback Trent Hosick, who said he had to pull two men from a truck after it flipped in front of him on the highway.

Good going, Trent. Ahead of the storm on Saturday, the Missouri Department of Transportation issued a "no travel" advisory. The Missouri area was expected to get approximately a half-foot of snow across the majority of the state.

Hosick, a freshman in 2013, was the No. 19-rated quarterback in the class of 2013 according to Rivals.

It's been an eventful winter driving season for others in college football. When the Atlanta-area was shut down because of a snowstorm, Ohio State assistant coach Tom Herman spent 19 hours in his car before leaving it to catch his flight at the airport. In that same storm, Syracuse coach Scott Shafer made a couple cracks about Atlanta's ability to handle the snow before wisely deleting them and apologizing.

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