Missouri lets everyone know again how happy it is to be in the SEC

Frank Schwab

The new SEC members really want to make a good impression on their new brethren, and now one is thanking an opponent for beating them.

Fine, Missouri didn't say that exactly, but if these T-shirts were pandering, we have to bring up an advertisement that was published in the Georgia student paper.

The ad was posted on Twitter by @TrentPearson26, and it gushes about the Georgia fans by saying "what a terrific bunch of visitors you were." Most fans are pretty upbeat when their team wins 41-20 like the Bulldogs did. It also touts that "both of our teams played an undeniably exciting and awesome game!" which isn't really true, and something that would draw blank stares if Auburn printed that in Alabama's student paper, or vice versa, after a loss.

Texas A&M had the lead in its pleas to get the SEC to like it, but Missouri is gaining ground fast. The ad is classy, but it'll be nice when Missouri and Texas A&M start putting their feet up on the furniture and making themselves at home in their new conference.

H/T to @TrentPearson26 on Twitter

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