Missing: Louisiana Tech knows who let the dog out, but where did he go?

Louisiana Tech's mascot, a bulldog by the name of Tech XX, has gone missing.

The 4-year-old English bulldog, who lives at Sexton Animal Clinic in Ruston, La., was let out to relieve himself around 8 p.m. Sunday evening and has yet to come back.

Dr. Patrick Sexton, who runs the clinic and has been Tech XX's caregiver since 2008, told the Shreveport Times the dog has never wandered off before.

"I just hope he's safe," he told the paper. "The worst part is not knowing where he is or who has him."

Sexton is offering a reward and the clinic has put out a call for his safe return:

Please help us find this dog. He was last seen at 1628 E. Kentucky Ave. Ruston Louisiana. He has been missing since 8pm yesterday. He was let out to go to the bathroom and was gone when they came back 5 minutes later. There is a $1000 reward for his safe return. Please contact Sexton Animal Health Center if you have any news about this dog. (318) 251-8283.

The dog appears to have tags and might be wearing a Louisiana Tech jersey (probably not, but I'm putting it out there). Perhaps the WAC (i.e., New Mexico State and Idaho) is holding the dog hostage until Tech agrees to come back to the conference.

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