Mike Leach blasts his team, star WR Wilson reportedly quits … just a normal, quiet weekend at Washington State

When Washington State hired Mike Leach, the school knew what it was getting into. It was getting a talented, successful coach who is outspoken and always seems to have some controversy swirling around.

Washington State has lost a lot of games, including one to impossibly bad Colorado. Leach likened some of his seniors to corpses. He banned his players from using Twitter.

Then over the weekend, the fire at Washington State grew hotter. The Cougars were blown out 49-6 by a mediocre Utah team, Leach ripped his players for not trying, and star wide receiver Marquess Wilson reportedly simply walked out of practice and quit. Or, as Washington State announced Monday, he was suspended.

Got all that?

It started with the debacle at Utah on Saturday and Leach's comments after, which come from CougFan.com:

"Our effort today was pitiful," Leach said. "It starts with our coaches. Our coaches, starting with me and starting with the assistants, we have to be able to reach our players and get a good effort. Square one is a good effort and our effort was horrible.

"Right now we're a team that doesn't give a good effort, which means that all of the stuff that we do in the weight room and in the meeting rooms and practices is a waste of time if we don't give a good effort."

Oh, but Leach wasn't through. He saved his most biting comments for the offensive line:

"Our five couldn't whip their two," Leach said, according to CougFan.com. "Sometimes they only brought two. Our five couldn't whip their two. Which means, if five of our guys went in an alley and got in a fight with two of theirs, we would have gotten massacred. That's just ridiculously inexcusable. It was one of the most heartless efforts up front I've seen; and our defensive line wasn't any better."

What fun! Then the situation got even worse when Wilson, who had 82 catches for 1,388 yards last year, apparently quit the team after walking out of a practice.

Jim Moore, who works for ESPN's 710 radio in Seattle, said Wilson quit the team:

"Circus" seems like a good way to sum it up.

According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Wilson refused to finish a pushup drill and left the field 20 minutes into a two-hour workout. The Spokesman-Review reported that Wilson was suspended by the team, which at this point could just be a matter of two sides arguing about who broke up with who first.

Either way, the three-ring Leach circus is alive and well at Washington State. It's not like the school can be too surprised.

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