Score Strip

  1. League: NCAAF
  2. Texas A&M vs. South Carolina
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (18) TAMU
    (4) S CAR
  3. Temple vs. Vanderbilt
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (24) VAND
  4. Weber St. vs. Arizona St.
    Aug 28ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (20) AZ ST
  5. UCF vs. Penn St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 7:00 AM
    (10) UCF
  6. Elon vs. Duke
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (23) DUKE
  7. UCLA vs. Virginia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (16) UCLA
  8. Alabama vs. West Virginia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (7) ALA
    W VA
  9. Jacksonville St. vs. Michigan St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    JV ST
    (3) MI ST
  10. Clemson vs. Georgia
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (8) CLEM
  11. Ohio St. vs. Navy
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 12:00 PM
    (12) OH ST
  12. S. Dakota St. vs. Missouri
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    SDK ST
    (5) MIZZ
  13. Louisiana Tech vs. Oklahoma
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (6) OKLA
  14. Florida St. vs. Oklahoma St.
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (1) FL ST
    (17) OK ST
  15. Arkansas vs. Auburn
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (2) AUB
  16. Wisconsin vs. LSU
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 1:00 PM
    (22) WIS
    (14) LSU
  17. South Dakota vs. Oregon
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    S DAK
    (9) ORE
  18. Fresno St. vs. USC
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (19) USC
  19. UC Davis vs. Stanford
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:00 PM
    (11) STAN
  20. Rice vs. Notre Dame
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 3:30 PM
    (21) ND
  21. Washington vs. Hawaii
    Aug 30ᵗʰ 8:00 PM
    (25) WASH
  22. SMU vs. Baylor
    Aug 31ˢᵗ 1:00 PM
    (13) BAYL
  23. Miami (FL) vs. Louisville
    Sep 1ˢᵗ 8:00 PM
    MIA F
    (15) LOU
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Dr. Saturday

Michigan State LB Chris Norman pursues seminary instead of the NFL

Graham Watson
Dr. Saturday

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(USA Today Sports Images)

While many Michigan State players are competing at the NFL combine and preparing themselves for the NFL draft, linebacker Chris Norman, a former captain, is choosing a different path.

Norman told a group during an event hosted by Ionia, Mich., Parks and Recreation that he’s foregoing a career in the NFL to study at seminary.

"In the Gospel there's a story about somebody that stumbles across a field and then they found a treasure hidden in that field," Norman told the group. “As a result of finding that treasure, they sold everything they had so they can buy that field. That's pretty much what happened to me when I found Christ. So once I met him and fell absolutely in love with him, everything else was not as attractive in comparison.”

According to, Norman’s life-changing moment came when he suffered a severe elbow injury against Alabama in the 2011 Capital One Bowl. The injury kept him out of spring practice and prevented him from lifting weights. During the time when he thought he lost the No. 1 thing in his life, Norman found Jesus.

Norman, 6-foot-1, 233-pounder from Detroit, was in his church choir growing up, but got the itch to do more when he join the Athletes in Action Sports Ministry and the Ultimate Training Camp, which teaches athletes of all levels to blend sport and faith.

No he says he has no regrets about his decision to pursue a life devoted to Jesus instead of football.

"Life took a complete 180," Norman told "When I did it, people were really confused and probably fearful because it was like, 'Where did you come from?' You're not the same person that you used to be, and honestly, I wouldn't have any other way.”

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