Michigan fan has had block 'M' logo tattooed on his head since 1997 (Video)

Sam Cooper
Michigan fan has had block 'M' logo tattooed on his head since 1997 (Video)

Over the weekend, the Detroit Free-Press introduced us to Michigan fan named Larry Pietrangelo. Pietrangelo is known as “M-Head” because he has the maize-and-blue block M logo tattooed on his head.

For real.

Pietrangelo, 53, got the tattoo back in 1997 when he was competing in an “Ultimate Michigan Fan” contest. The winner of the contest would receive tickets to that season’s Michigan-Ohio State game at The Big House.

He told the Free Press that he didn't have cable at the time, so he had been riding his bike to his mother’s house to watch the Michigan games that season. His mother “got tired of (him) laying on her couch on Saturday afternoons,” so his she came up with the idea to tattoo his head so he could win the coveted tickets to the Ohio State game.

“She forked out $65 for the tattoo on my head. I’m that devoted to U of M that I would do anything to win tickets to a U of M game, especially (playing) that team from the south that sucks canal water through their butt. I can’t stand ‘em. I don’t wear red at all. I refuse to wear red. I bleed maize and blue,” Pietrangelo said.

Unfortunately for Pietrangelo, he lost the contest, and the tattoo remains. He’s had the tattoo for 17 years, but besides the initial disappointment of losing the contest, he does not regret having the tattoo.

“It’s become part of my personality,” he said.

You can watch the entire interview in the video above, which includes Pietrangelo’s hilarious of trash talk against the Buckeyes where he says that the Ohio State “is as irrelevant as the pimple on the butt of life,” whatever that means.

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