Maryland goes ‘white out’ for a game in West Virginia’s stadium

Maryland is staging its own white out — on the field… West Virginia's field.

Under Armour announced Friday that the Terrapins will be sporting new "White Ops" jerseys for this weekend's game against No. 8 West Virginia in Morgantown.

Not sure why Maryland chose this game to unveil these uniforms instead of, say, a snowy home game, but Maryland and its uniforms have been a mystery for the past year.

But unlike Maryland's other uniforms, these aren't all that bad. The helmet is white with a gray Maryland flag and the jerseys have red outlines on numbers that have a "distinct, Maryland-inspired pattern, called Mariflage." The release actually notes that it's trying to make a more "discreet" look as opposed to the "Pride" uniforms that debuted a year ago.

They actually look kinda sharp. It's just too bad that Maryland's home fans won't get to appreciate them in person.

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