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Maroon bluebonnet flowers are popping up on the Texas campus


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The University of Texas Tower is now being surrounded by maroon bluebonnets. (Getty Images)

Did a Texas A&M fan pull a prank that's could engulf the Texas campus in Austin, Texas?

It's a question many are asking after maroon-colored bluebonnet flowers are popping up around the University of Texas. Bluebonnets, hence their name, are not naturally maroon.

According to Markus Hoge, the Program Coordinator for Irrigation and Water Conservation at UT, bluebonnets were planted a few years ago by the iconic Tower on the UT campus. Now, maroon flowers are blossoming.

"It's definitely going to get worse, Hogue told KEYE TV. "They are going to keep multiplying. It is just a weird coincidence that the only place that we have them on campus that we know of is right by the tower."

The thought of it being an A&M prank is just that at the moment. No one from A&M has gone public and taken responsibility like Harvey Updyke did when calling into Paul Finebaum's radio show to admit he poisoned the oak trees at Toomer's Corner in Auburn. Chip Brown, reporter for Orangebloods.com, has a radio show. If an Aggie is going to claim responsibility, calling into his Austin show would be a good way to do it.

While poisoning the oaks was sinister and Updyke's offense was treated as such, where does a maroon-bombing of bluebonnets rank if it was on purpose? Is it something that's funny and a well-done offense or would it be crossing the line?

This rivalry won't be settled on a football field anytime soon either. Last week, Texas athletic director Steve Patterson said renewing the rivalry wasn't at the top of his list. Maybe a wave of maroon flowers will have A&M constantly on his mind and it'll move up that proverbial list.


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