Mark Richt says he's lost 20 pounds: 'I went from gross to kind of fat'

Nick Bromberg
April 23, 2014
Mark Richt says he's lost 20 pounds: 'I went from gross to kind of fat'

Mark Richt's offseason has included recruiting, curling, filming Star Wars remakes, spring practice and weight loss.

The Georgia coach was at at UGA Day at the Gainesville (Ga.) Civic Center on Tuesday and said he's lost 20 poinds. But instead of an outright brag it was more of a humblebrag. And a funny one at that.

"I went from gross to kind of fat," Richt said (via

We never thought of Richt as one of the more overweight coaches in college football, but perhaps he was inspired by the bench presses by Mark Hudspeth or the sprints Charlie Strong runs with his team and wanted to make a change.

Or maybe Richt wanted to practice what he's preaching. He said Tuesday that conditioning has been a focus of Georgia's offseason workouts. Now that the debate about the pace of play has cooled (for now), Georgia is one of the teams looking to be ready for uptempo offenses in the fall.

“The game is being played with a lot more tempo,” Richt said. “There’s a lot more plays being run. It used to be that you would have 40 seconds between plays. Now you may have 15. You have to train for that and condition for that. And you’ve got to be able to move and change direction and play in space.”

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