Mark Dantonio challenges Michigan and Michigan responds

Graham Watson
April 19, 2012

Michigan would like to officially thank Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio for raising the bar on a Michigan-Michigan State rivalry that has been one-sided for far too long.

During an interview with Brian Bennett, Dantonio took a little shot at his in-state, in-conference competition.

"We're laying in the weeds," Dantonio said. "We've beat Michigan the last four years. So where's the threat?"

Dantonio is right. The Spartans have owned the Wolverines the past four seasons and with the exception of the overtime game in 2009, the final scores haven't been close — MSU has won by an average of 15 points.

Of course, Michigan won the six games prior to that, but it's clear there's been a changing of the guard.

But Michigan isn't going to sit idly by and allow Dantonio to call the Wolverines out. On the Michigan football Facebook page, Michigan gave its response and said it will be ready for the next meeting in the Big House.

"Bulletin board material? Check. … See you Saturday, Oct. 20 at the Big House."

It seems like this rivalry has lost a little of its steam in past years. Michigan's focus has been on Ohio State and while that's a great rivalry, Michigan State has beaten up Michigan in the past four years both on the field and in the conference standings.

Don't worry Michigan, it's is possible to have two rivals: "Ohio" and "The team up North(west)."

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