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Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Worst Contest Ever’ ends with him surprising a fan (Video)

Graham Watson
Dr. Saturday

Jimmy Kimmel’s self proclaimed “Worst Contest Ever” came to its end during Wednesday’s Tostitos Fiesta Bowl as he unexpectedly visited one of the contest entrants.

As you might recall, Kimmel in conjunction with Tostitos, planned to bring the party to fans by asking them to send Kimmel one chip that he would ultimately put into a bowl and then eat while watching the game.

Initially, there was not supposed to be a winner, but Kimmel decided to surprise one lucky fan and eat the chip the fan sent him in front of him.

Unfortunately for that fan – and his family – things got out of hand. And while Kimmel ate the chip the fan sent him, the fan and his family found themselves being handcuffed by Eric Estrada. You know, the guy from the 80s cop drama CHiPs (C’mon, don’t make me feel old)?

So, we had a fan send Kimmel a chip, Kimmel eat the chip, and then the fan and his family get arrested by the star of CHiPs.

It was expert marketing by Kimmel and Tostitos, which were only missing poker chips, paint chips and perhaps chocolate chips to complete the wordplay.

We'll have more from Kimmel later in the week as he gives Dr. Saturday his national championship pick.

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