Jerry Sandusky ‘distraught’ over NCAA sanctions against Penn State

Graham Watson
Dr. Saturday

Jerry Sandusky is saddened that Penn State is paying for his mistakes.

(I know, I'm sure a lot of folks care about Sandusky's feelings these days.)

Sandusky, the former Penn State assistant who was convicted in June of 45 counts of child sexual abuse, some of which occurred in the Penn State locker room, said through his lawyer that he is distraught over the NCAA sanctions levied against Penn State.

Attorney Joe Amendola told The Associated Press in a phone interview that Sandusky told him that even if people believe he is guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted in June, it would be ''ridiculous'' to think Penn State administrators engaged in a cover-up.

"He said, 'To do what they're doing to Penn State is so unjust,'" Amendola said. "He loves the program and he loves the university."

The NCAA gave Penn State a four-year bowl ban, vacated 112 wins, dropped the football team's scholarships from 85 to 65 and levied a $60 million fine. Moreover, the Freeh Report, which was commissioned by the Penn State Board of Trustees, found that late coach Joe Paterno was among several in the athletic department who tried to cover up Sandusky's sexual misdeeds. Consequently, Paterno's famed statue was removed from campus.

Amendola said Sandusky has asked out of solitary confinement and would like to be placed in the general population. Sandusky was in solitary for his safety. Amendola also said Sandusky has been spending his time in jail writing a statement to read at sentencing, which could occur in September. It addresses all 10 sets of charges. Amendola has advised Sandusky, who did not testify on his own behalf, to continue to maintain his silence.

''He continues to believe that the truth will come out at some point, and that he'll get another trial or another opportunity to establish his innocence,'' Amendola told the Associated Press.

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