Gus Johnson and college football could be a great mix

Graham Watson
May 9, 2011

As reported by Sports Illustrated last week, wildly popular college basketball announcer Gus Johnson is leaving CBS and could be coming to a college football broadcast near you.

And college football should welcome him with open arms.

Johnson is in talks with FOX Sports, which recently inked deals with the Pac-12 and the Big 12. So, conceivably, Johnson could be on your local FOX station or one of FOX's other partners every Saturday.

While Johnson is known for his exuberant calls and catchphrases in college basketball, he has done his fair share of NFL games for CBS and he's shown that his enthusiasm isn't limited to the hardwood.

On Nov. 14 last year, Johnson had the pleasure of calling the Jacksonville-Houston game, which featured a Hail Mary pass by Jacksonville quarterback David Garrard as time expired to win the game.


Now imagine if that was your favorite college team; or any college team for that matter. How much fun could Johnson bring to a game that's already loved by millions?

There is a problem though.

What about those catchphrases? Johnson is best known for the expression, "Rise and Fire," which he trademarked and turned into a clothing line this year.

That phrase could probably work for quarterbacks. Johnson's "Climb the mountain" would be a good for a great catch or interception. "Here comes the pain" is perfect for a crushing hit. And of course "Heart… Break… City" is good for any loss.

While all of those phrases and the many more Johnson is known for are great, he might want to distinguish his college football announcing career with something a little different, and I thought we here at Dr. Saturday could help.

So, if the readers of Dr. Saturday want to add their own thoughts in the comments sections -- and we get some good suggestions -- I might throw them into a post later in the week to help get Johnson started with his college football announcing career.

Of course if Johnson doesn't join FOX this will be all for naught, but a fun offseason exercise nonetheless.

Graham Watson is a regular contributor to Dr. Saturday. Follow her on Twitter: @Yahoo_Graham