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Georgia Tech player drops an S-bomb during a post game interview (VIDEO)

Graham Watson
Dr. Saturday

Georgia Tech cornerback Rod Sweeting didn’t appear to be a big fan of doing an interview when he was called up to the podium following the Yellow Jackets’ 21-7 win over USC to accept the MVP award.

But CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson asked Sweeting how the Yellow Jackets were able to have such a great defensive effort against USC and she received an all-too-honest response:


Interpret that how you will, but it was definitely an S-bomb. The kind you get when you’re answering a question from one of your friends, not a reporter during a broadcast that was not only shown in millions of homes, but also transmitted throughout the Sun Bowl.

To Sweeting’s credit, after a brief pause, he composed himself and gave a decent answer.

Then he called Wolfson “Sir.”

Here’s guessing that if Sweeting goes on to have a professional career, he won’t be doing many more live interviews.

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