Gene Chizik and Auburn manage to lose to a previously moribund Arkansas team

Dr. Saturday

How many years does the grace period last for a coach after he wins a national championship? Gene Chizik might be able to answer that pretty soon.

Auburn won the national championship at the end of the 2010 season. Cam Newton was an all-world Heisman Trophy winner on that team. Gus Malzahn was the offensive coordinator. Chizik and Auburn look lost without them.

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Arkansas deserves credit for its 24-7 win at Auburn. The Razorbacks got themselves off the floor and won a SEC road game. Those players have to feel great about getting a decisive win after such a rough stretch. Arkansas even went deep into the playbook, pulling out a double reverse pass to extend its lead to 17-7:

On the other side, this isn't a game Auburn could lose. Arkansas' last four weeks included a home loss to Louisiana-Monroe, a 52-0 loss to Alabama, a home loss to Rutgers, and a 58-10 loss to Texas A&M. The Razorbacks looked like a team that had given up.

Now, Auburn's dedication to its coach will be tested.

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While Pat Dye wouldn't trade Chizik for 10 Nick Sabans, Chizik was just outcoached by one John L. Smith. Auburn's offense looks horrible - remember, Alabama and Texas A&M scored 110 points against Arkansas, yet Auburn couldn't break double digits at home against the Razorbacks. Auburn is now 1-4. The Tigers' only win is a 3-point victory against Louisiana-Monroe at home. Oh, and the stinker against Arkansas came after a bye week.

Chizik's national championship seems like it happened a lot longer than two seasons ago.

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