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Future USC long snapper does a fantastic trick shot video

Long snapping is one of the oddest jobs in sports.

Other scarcely-used players – hockey enforcer, left-handed relief pitcher, career pinch hitter, Shane Battier – have skills that resemble what the rest of the roster does. In the NFL, there are 32 men who make a (very nice) living throwing a football through their legs, and that's all they do. It's a very specialized skill that has tremendous value for a football team.

In the trick shot videos we've seen, the thrower is usually standing upright and facing the target. That's why we like this trick-shot video (h/t to of Zach Smith of Atherton, Calif., a highly regarded long snapper in the class of 2013 who will be going to USC.

The video shows Smith snapping through his legs and hitting moving targets, knocking bottles off of tables (and in one case, off his friend's head), sailing a snap through a car's windows and surprising the person filming on the other side, sinking shots into a garbage can from far away, and even a full-court basketball shot.

You probably don't know who your favorite team's long snapper is, but most of them are pretty good at throwing a football through their legs. It's not easy.

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