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Frank Beamer doing the Harlem Shake? Yes, Frank Beamer doing the Harlem Shake

At what point were you done with the Harlem Shake? Last week? Last month? The day it started?

Well, apparently, Virginia Tech is just getting the memo that this dance craze exists and wanted to get in on it while all of us shake our heads in annoyance and stare at with sad, sad eyes.

Thank you Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer for making sure this dance will live on for at least another couple days. That’s not to say this video is not without its highlights.

Beamer dances – yes, dances – at the beginning of the Hokies’ Harlem Shake in a way that screams old and out-of-touch. He moves his arms and shakes his hips like the 66-year-old he is. At one point, it looks like he wants to break into a little tap dance.

I'll be really disappointed if the "Beamer" isn't the next new dance craze.

This video comes a week after Nebraska released its Harlem Shake, which included coach Bo Pelini pitching a fit during a practice drill while one of his players starts the dance. He continues to look annoyed as his entire team gets in on the action.

Now that these two are in the books, Bill Snyder and Nick Saban should be releasing their videos any day now.

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