Former SDSU RB Adam Muema warns on Twitter of the end of the world

Graham Watson
March 11, 2014

Adam Muema, the former Sand Diego State running back who abruptly left the NFL combine because God told him the Seattle Seahawks were going to draft him, now has another bold revelation -- there will be no 2014 NFL season.

Muema took to Twitter on Monday night and continued on Tuesday spouting off some bizarre stuff, including a notion that there won’t be an NFL season because the world is going to end.

This is just the latest chapter in Muema’s weird and somewhat sad tale.

After leaving the combine, Muema disappeared for several days before being found wearing his combine clothes. After the incident, the L.A. Times did a story on Muema and cited a self-proclaimed prophet named Lord RayEl, whom Muema has been using for guidance.

Other social media feeds have been littered with references in recent days to a self-described Messiah named Lord RayEl, who Muema apparently believes is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

A Facebook page connected with Lord RayEl describes “chastisements” he is targeting at the U.S. The latest such punishment is the blast of wintry weather on the East Coast. The page also discusses plans for an “exodus” of his followers to Baja California to escape the apocalypse.

Muema mentioned @LORD_RAYEL multiple times throughout his Twitter rant.

Of course, Muema has been getting a lot of backlash on Twitter, including several questioning his sanity and whether he’ll ever play football again. Muema actually answered several of the comments and even told one commenter who questioned whether the Seahawks would even go near him that the Seahawks had already been in contact.

Muema had been getting some notice by NFL scouts prior to leaving the combine, but as his erratic behavior continues, it’s safe to say that no team is going to want to touch this poor guy with a 10-foot pole. It’s too bad, too, because he did have the potential to be a decent running back.

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