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Former Alabama WR Tyrone Prothro testifies he had to pay university for photos of himself

Tyrone Prothro

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Tyrone Prothro says he had to pay Alabama $10 for a picture he was in. (USA Today Sports Images)

Former Alabama WR Tyrone Prothro testified Wednesday at the O'Bannon vs. NCAA trial that after his playing career, he was forced to pay $10 each for images of a famous catch he made for the school.

The 2005 catch is one of the most iconic in recent college football history.

So when Prothro wanted to use pictures of the catch for his autobiography, he said he had to purchase them from the school.

"Of course I could have purchased some pictures, but I didn't feel I should have to pay any kind of money for my own photos," Prothro told after the trial concluded for the day on Wednesday. "I didn't think it was fair at all."

"I want to see change for the future," Prothro also said. "I believe I should have some say over my image being used somewhere. Right now that's not the case."

The catch won Alabama $110,000 in scholarship money from Pontiac. But of course, Prothro didn't see a dime of it. And there's no telling how much money Alabama made from selling pictures of the catch to people other than Prothro.
He also testified he was an athlete first and student second at Alabama.

Later in the 2005 season after he made the catch, Prothro gruesomely broke both his legs on a play when he got tangled underneath another player. The injury ended his competitve football career and after graduating from Alabama in 2008, he says he had a student debt of $10,000 that hasn't been paid off yet despite having a full-ride football scholarship.

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