Florida State almost recovered its own kickoff against Maryland (Video)

Nick Bromberg
October 5, 2013

When one of the best things to happen to you during a game is that you were able to recover a pooch kickoff after letting the ball hit the ground, you know it's not a very good day.

Because if Florida State had recovered this kick, it could have been 70-0.

In the second quarter of it's 63-0 blowout of Maryland, Florida State tried an angled kickoff to the right side of the field to prevent Maryland from having a big return. Only, there was no return at all. The Terrapins' upbacks and returners didn't clarify who was going to catch the football, and the ball bounced backwards as soon as it hit the turf.

That gave Florida State an opportunity to recover the kick, but Telvin Smith just overran the ball as it was spinning back to him. In the ensuing scrum, Maryland came up with it, but as you can see by the final score, they didn't do anything when they got it.

Maryland quarterback C.J. Brown walked directly to the locker room after being hit in the shoulder after throwing a pass in the second quarter. He was replaced by Caleb Rowe and didn't return.

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