Final 18 minutes of Louisville’s 72-0 win over Florida International had a running clock

A running clock in a high school football blowout is nothing new. But in a college game? That's not something you see too often.

Florida International was trailing Louisville 51-0 with 18 minutes left in the game, so according to the American Athletic Conference, both FIU coach Ron Turner and Louisville coach Charlie Strong agreed to a running clock for the remainder of the game, which Louisville ended up winning 72-0.

That meant that instead of the clock stopping after an incomplete pass or when a player went out of bounds, the clock simply kept ticking until the end of the game, only stopping at the change between the third and fourth quarters.

Pretty straightforward, right? Admitting that your team is getting its butt kicked to the other team is embarrassing, but there wasn't any way FIU was going to come back. (We'll show you why in a second.) Might as well get it over with as quickly as possible, right?

However, after the game, Turner said that it wasn't his idea to request the running clock.

And while we sort of see Turner's desire to not publicly admit defeat after, well... publicly admitting defeat, the clock ran for those final 18 minutes. It didn't happen without FIU's consent.

OK, fine. Whatever. It was still a running clock. Probably because Florida International had two first downs and 29 total yards the entire football game. The Panthers were 1-13 on third downs and ran 43 plays. Yes, that means they averaged 0.7 yards per play when you factor in the yardage lost on sacks. Ron, if you did actually request it, we don't blame you.

Crazily, Louisville's win wasn't the biggest blowout of the weekend. That's Ohio State, who beat Florida A&M 76-0.

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