Dr. Saturday’s top 10 plays of the college football season (VIDEOS)

It's hard to boil down the best plays of this college football season to just a top 10 (and some honorable mentions). Every week, all around the country, talented players make us sit up a bit in our seat and wait anxiously for the replay, so we can figure out if we really just saw what we think we saw.

Here's our best shot narrowing down the college football plays of the regular season. We're sure there will be a few in the bowl season worth inclusion on the list, as well:

Honorable mention

Florida blocks a punt in the final seconds to beat Louisiana-Lafayette

The Gators struggled to put away Louisiana-Lafayette, a bowl team out of the Sun Belt. But with less than a minute to go, Florida came up with an improbable blocked punt and returned it for a score to win.

McCarron to Yeldon beats LSU

Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron didn't do much against LSU's defense, but rallied for a late game-winning drive that he capped with this screen pass to T.J. Yeldon to beat the Tigers.

Roy Roundtree's circus catch sets up overtime

Michigan was looking at a home loss to Northwestern before Roundtree somehow came up with a juggling 53-yard catch in the final seconds of regulation. That set up a game-tying field goal, and Michigan won in overtime.

Kent State's wrong way return

Hey, we never said all the plays of the year were pretty. We hope Kent State's Andre Parker can sit back and laugh at his blooper -- returning a muffed punt 58 yards in the wrong direction.

UPDATE: Devin Smith's phenomenal one-handed catch

When you put together a list of all the plays over a season, it's easy to miss one. So, even though it's belated, here's Ohio State's Devin Smith making an unreal one-handed catch ... probably a top five play this season.

And here's our top 10 of the regular season ...

10. Dri Archer stays on his feet to go for the score

Kent State's Archer is hard to tackle, and in this video you swear he is on the ground. But all of a sudden he is in the open field, scampering for a 74-yard score.

9. Johnny Manziel splits the defense on his way to the end zone

On a third-and-10 against Mississippi State, Manziel took off and didn't stop until he was in the end zone. And yeah, it still reminds us of Michael Vick against the Vikings.

8. Braxton Miller shakes Cal's defense

Miller took his game to another level this season, and this ankle-breaking run by the Ohio State quarterback, leaving a pair of Cal defenders look silly, was his highlight.

7. Missouri can't catch Ace Sanders

Sanders didn't score on this play for South Carolina, but that's just a minor quibble. Just check out all the ways he avoids being tackled in the open field.

6. Giovani Bernard's final-minute punt return gives North Carolina the win

This return wasn't as breathtaking as some of the plays after it on the list, but it ranks very high on the clutch scale. N.C. State decided to punt to Bernard, North Carolina's star running back, in the final minute, and he beat the Wolfpack with a dramatic touchdown.

5. Odell Beckham does his Billy Cannon impression

Just like Cannon so many years ago, Beckham's 89-yard return sparked a Tigers win over Ole Miss. Beckham's return tied the game. It also tied Cannon's school record for longest punt return.

4. Notre Dame (controversially) stops Stanford on fourth-and-goal at the 1

Imagine if this play had turned out differently. Notre Dame got the stop, thanks to a quick whistle, capping off a great goal-line stand in overtime. This play sparked a heated debate -- and it also is a reason the Irish will play for a national title.

3. Jarvis Landry's miraculous touchdown catch

This is a brilliant display of athleticism, as LSU's Jarvis Landry somehow turns his body, reaches back with one hand and snags a touchdown pass that was thrown behind him, and maintains possession through the end of the catch. Just incredible.

2. Taylor Martinez makes the entire Wisconsin defense whiff

Nebraska did not have many highlights in its 70-31 loss to Wisconsin last Saturday, but it did have one of the best touchdowns you'll see. Quarterback Taylor Martinez got out of about four sure tackles with some great moves, including one when he was chased back to his 10-yard line, and managed to score a 76-yard touchdown.

1. Johnny Football scrambles around to throw a great touchdown pass against Arkansas

This might have been the play that forced people to start taking note of Johnny Manziel, if they hadn't already. On third-and-goal against Arkansas, Manziel scrambles around, using his athletic ability to buy time, then jumps up to deliver the touchdown. That one play showed all of his spectacular gifts as a quarterback. It was a Heisman moment.

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