Could this be Oregon State’s new logo?

Oregon State has been talking about rebranding since last September and the Beavers’ new logo might have leaked over the weekend. art director Mike Brisk posted a photo of a T-shirt with a new Oregon State logo on his Instagram account. The logo, as you can see, is a little sleeker than the Beavers’ previous logo.

But don’t mistake sleeker for better.

This is a departure from the logo of a “concerned” beaver the program has used since 1997 (right) and a far cry from the smiling Beaver the program used before that. This is a beaver that has sharp fangs and a "to infinity and beyond" mindset. It’s not a bad logo, it’s just far different from anything Oregon State has done in the past.

Again, this is just a leaked photo and might not even be the final product. Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis said the rebranding wasn’t going to be announced until fall 2013. So, a lot of things could change by then.

What do you think? Is Oregon State’s potential new logo all you hoped it might be?

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