Charlie Strong puts the Longhorn logo back on Texas' helmets

Graham Watson
Strong spent 3 decades prepping for job like Texas
ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS, AUG. 15-17 - FILE - In this July 22, 2014 file photo, Texas head coach Charlie Strong listens to a question from a reporter during the Big 12 Conference NCAA college football media days in Dallas. If this was a man feeling the pressure of rebuilding the fallen behemoth of Longhorns football, there's no hint Strong is losing sleep at night or is even the least bit uncomfortable. (AP Photo, File)

At the beginning of fall camp, Texas coach Charlie Strong stripped the Longhorns logos from the team helmets, telling players they would have to earn them back.

On Saturday, Strong informed his team that he thought the Longhorn should be restored.

"I told them on Saturday I think they earned the right to get the decal back on their helmet," Strong said. "They earned the right to raise the horns. When I said it in practice, they started screaming 'oh, we can do that. We finally can do that.' It's something they worked for now to earn that right just because of their hard work, but they deserve it.”

Strong also took away the charter bus that drove players to practice and roped off the Longhorn on the floor of the locker room so players couldn’t step on it. Strong has no plans to bring back the buses, but he has softened on the locker room logo.

"In the locker room, the only time I will ever remove the rope from around is on game day because when we stand on game day, that's what we're playing for," Strong said. "We're playing for one another, pride and what it means. I'm going to remove it only on game day, but they can raise the horns now, they'll have it on their helmet, the decal. Other than that, in the locker room, it stays the same."

Strong came into the Texas job with a no-nonsense approach and has held firm to it. He's taken away privileges, dismissed players and called out guys who aren’t doing the right thing. It's been difficult for some players to adjust, but if he said the players earned their logo back that must mean what he’s instilling is finally taking root.

We’ll see if it pays dividends on the field when the team opens the season against North Texas on Saturday.

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